The name YvYa

The name YvYa first saw the light of day on the 7th of November 2019.

YvYa has no meaning. But at the same time it's full of meaning.

It's a combination of the names Yvonne and Hülya.

The Yv- from Yvonne  and the -Ya from Hülya.

The bizarre story about the name YvYa.

On the morning of the 7th of November 2019 Tom Sanders received a prize.

This took place during the NWO-innovatiefestival Teknowlogy in Amersfoort.

It gave him recognition for his idea for 'the Early Warning Scan for breast cancer' (EWS).


Around noon on that day, the 7th of November, Yvonne writes:

'Judging by the speed, they don't think I'll make it to Christmas'.

(Read here word for word the coversation with Hülya in the Gofit app group.)

What devastating news!

The assassin has this young mother, wonderful partner and career woman in his grasp.

Everything Yvonne has done and suffered has had no effect. 

If only they had found it sooner...  

Her type of cancer is too aggressive. The cancer has mutated. There is no longer hope.

Yvonne is going to die as a result of breast cancer.

There was not yet a method of screening for her. She had only the method of the self-check 'look and feel' at her disposal. 

Especially for young women like her,  the Early Warning Scan will be a major breakthrough.

Honouring two brave women.

The decision is made on the same day.

The EWS is to be named for the 2 youngest women in the Gofit group.

Learn more about these brave women: Yvonne (36) and Hülya (43).


Help us to screen young women for breast cancer




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