The first donation

frtlr Sophie Pennock, JIBB+ en Michelle Dubois, AH

During the Kick-off of YvYa on October 16, 2020, the first large donation was handed over to YvYa.

JIBB+ and Albert Heijn held joint actions after Yvonne's death. These actions have led to an impressive amount of money. We're all impressed.

Private donors:

Using the share buttons on this website, individuals can donate to YvYa.

Donations can also be made directly to YvYa's bank account.


The status of the donation counter:

16-11-2020:  €   8.400

30-12-2020:  € 13.600

15-01-2021:  € 15.000

04-02-2021:  € 28.000

10-02-2021:  € 31.000

23-02-2021:  € 40.000

10-03-2021:  € 45.000

22-03-2021:  € 52.000

21-05-2021:  € 55.000




We need fifty thousand euro for the prototype.


We need 200.000 euro for phase 2.


What do we still need?

Phase 1 estimation € 50.000 Until summer 2021 Production of prototype scanning-unit Early Warning Scan.
Phase 2 estimation € 200.000 Until summer 2022 Software development, pre-clinical tests with a limited number of women.
Phase 3 estimation € 500.000 Until summer 2023 Construction of a small series of scanning units. Clinical tests in several hospitals. Therefore scientific substantiation of the EWS.
Phase 4 estimation € 400.000 From summer 2023 CE certification, preparation of the series production of scan units and setting up an organizational structure to enable national coverage
Phase 5 to be determined From januari 2024 Serial production of scan units and expanding the organization to make the EWS available to all women.

Keep helping us!

The Early Warning Scan comes closer with every donation.

So we are extremely grateful!

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