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All your donations will go towards the development of the EWS.

Good causes do not have to pay tax


There is a general exemption from inheritance tax for charities that have the ANBI status.

You can include a charity in your will or leave it a bequest.


Donate with a tax benefit. To your advantage, and for the advantage of all women in the Netherlands.


5 years of regular donations means 100% deductible from your tax, regardless of the amount.


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Periodic donation

Corporate sponsorship


The sponsor offers money, goods, service and knowledge.

In return, YvYa co-operates with the realization of the sponsor's communication objectives.

  • Increase brand awareness
  • strength image
  • showing good citizenship
  • establishing contacts
  • increase the revenue
  • reach specific target groups
  • motivation of your employee


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Stichting YvYa

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