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Early and painless detection

of breast cancer

 for everyone!

with the Early Warning Scan.

Read here about the standpoint of Stichting YvYa.

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#wedoitforthegirls #borstkanker  #zelfonderzoek #earlywarningscan  #borstkankerscreening  #ANBI #erkendgoeddoel”  #symptomenvanborstkanker #borstkankeronderzoek #borstkankersypmtomen #borstkankerleeftijd #knobbelindeborst #bevolkingsonderzoek #borstonderz

The prototype Early Warning Scan 

For women, by women

Will you be one of them this year?

One of the 18,000 women who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year?

Or do you also think: it won't happen to me because...   

Check here the reasons why you won't get breast cancer.  

No? That's what they thought too.

May 2019.

left:  Paulette Kreté (60), centre: Yvonne Geers (36) right: Hülya Pinarbasi (43), 

And yet Yvonne and Hülya became part of the group of more than 3,000 young women who get breast cancer each year.

Their numbers increased from 14% to 19% and are still growing...


Paulette belongs to the group of women older than 50. The group which is the most vulnerable, 15,000 victims per year. 

Not only are there per year more than 18,000 diagnoses, but there are also 3,200 deaths.  This has to change!

There is hope!

A new method for the screening of breast cancer is being developed!

Three women and one brillant idea. That is the basis for Stichting YvYa's Early Warning Scan.

Because of these three women the Early Warning Scan for breast cancer is now being developed. 

Read here how this happened.

Help us to prevent unimaginable suffering. 

Stichting YvYa is solely dependent on goodwill.

So we are delighted that so many people are supporting the project.

Many people are helping us selflessly. They form the  backbone of Stichting YvYa.


We need you! Lend your support to all women.

Help us to develop the Early Warning Scan for breast cancer quickly.

Only then will early and painless detection of breast cancer soon be available to all women.


for your wife, your friend, your daughter, your neighbour, yourself, for all women...

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4 February 2024: Meeting for sponsors and donors "from idea to reality"

February 2024 the company Andritz chooses YvYa as Charity for a donation of €1500

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