Committee of Recommendation

As Committee of Recommendation we endorse the goals of Stichting YvYa.

The availability of new scientific methods for the screening for breast cancer is vital for women.

We consider the development of the Early Warning Scan, which is supported by Stichting YvYa, extremely valuable: this innovation can make an essential contribution to the reduction in the number of deaths.

It can also improve the quality of life for women who are the victims of breast cancer.

Robert Dölle                         Former newspaper journalist           

I have been watching Tom Sanders for some time because of his drive to discover new innovative, technical solutions.  

He has successes, but sometimes a good idea doesn't get further than the drawing board. That must not happen this time!

The Early Warning Scan can be a breakthrough in diagnosing breast cancer in time. The development of this system deserves all our support.  

Carmel Drabbe                    DigitalTransformaker

Brigitte van Helden MBA   Director Stichting Techniekpromotie

A quick completion of the Early Warning Scan is very important for all women.

By making screening accessible, early treatent is made possible.

In the long term this provides, along with the many saved lives, a reduction of the healthcare costs.
Let us in the Netherlands take the lead in this great venture!

Marc Hendrikse                   Figurehead Topsector High Tech Systemen en Materialen

Ton Horn                              Supervisor, commissioner, advisor

Yvonne van Riet                   Breast cancer surgeon at Catharina Hospital Eindhoven

Bert Jan Woertman             Ecosystem Builder at TU/e innovation Space