Stichting YVYA trustworthy and controlled.

What is the Erkenning (recognition)?

The Erkenning is the quality mark for charities that is issued by the CBF,  the inspector for charities.

With the Erkenning organisations can show that they meet strict quality requirements.

There are of course different requirements for larger organisations than for smaller ones. 

The huge sum of 4.4 billion euro in donations is supervised by the CBF.

You can donate to a recognised charity (Erkend Goed Doel) with the assurance that the organisation really contributes to a better world.

YvYa uses each euro with the utmost care, is accountable and undergoes independent control.



Transparency at a glance: The CBF-Erkenningspaspoort

The CBF-Erkenningspaspoort (recognition passport) shows in an unambiguous and neutral manner the most important information about a recognized charity (Erkend Goed Doel).

Thus: transparency at a glance.

The passport contains qualitative information about the goal and activities of the organisation as well as key financial figures. The latter have been validated by the CBF.


Click on the image below for the recognition passport of stichting YvYa.