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The mission of the YvYa foundation is  early and painless detection of breast cancer for everyone. YvYa strives for a society in which painless breast cancer screening is commonplace for everyone with respect for everyone's personal space.  

The YvYa Foundation actively supports the development of the Early Warning Scan, a new technique to detect breast cancer painlessly and in a women-friendly way. 

In addition, it stimulates awareness that early detection of breast cancer at all ages is important for survival and maintaining quality of life. 

Early and painless detection of breast cancer for everyone. 



  • Stichting YvYa strives for a society in which painless screening for breast cancer is open to everyone while respecting everyone's personal space


  • Stichting YvYa wants to offer everybody the possibility to take their own responsibility for preventive screening for breast cancer. 


  • Stichting YvYa stimulates the awareness that early detection of breast cancer at all ages is important for survival and maintaining quality of life. 



in five years' time:

Stichting YvYa is THE partner in the realisation and certification of the painless Early Warning Scan.  

Awareness of the importance of early detection is increased by means of a differentiated approach to the target groups. 

Stichting YvYa has achieved organizational and financial stability. 

Core values

  • Accessibility. 

To make a painless control of breast cancer possible implies the guarantee that this is effectively accessible, understandable and usable for everybody. 


  • Collaboration while retaining own identity behoud van identiteit on the basis of inclusivity and diversity.  
    Stichting YvYa wants to be a reflection of society. It seeks to collaborate with everybody. There is respect for the individual  ambitions and goals of partners with explicit agreement about the responsibilties of each partner. 


Further explanation of core value Collaboration: regardless of sexual preference, gender, age, cultural status, level of education, cultural background, religion, socioeconomic status and physical or mental challenges. 


  • Non-judgemental 

Stichting YvYa has no judgement about the causes of breast cancer nor about the prevention and cure of breast cancer.  


Further explanation of core value Non-judgemental: The goal is awareness of the necessity of early detection of breast cancer with the Early Warning Scan.


  • Respectful. 

All who are in some way associated with Stichting YvYa show respect to each other and all other people. We expect from everybody that they are prepared to treat others as they themselves want to be treated. We also expect that all involved are prepared to enter a discussion in the case of difference of opinion or insight. 


  • Connectedness  

The collaboration between people with and without a history of breast cancer working towards a shared goal is special. This collaboration creates a feeling of connectedness. The collaboration is based on understanding, solidarity, compassion and the desire to support one another. 


  • Working with dedication 

YvYa is an organization which is dedicated to the task of making early detection of breast cancer possible. This dedication can be found in all layers of the organization: both internally and in the partners of the Early Warning Scan bv and in the social-cultural partners. 


Further explanation of culture aspect Working with dedication: With respect for the individual ambitions and goals of the partners there is explicit agreement about everyone's responsibilities.

Cooperation partner and Interest group

Cooperation partnerpartner 

YvYa has an inseparable cooperation with the Early Warning Scan BV and it's other partners. YvYa is the cooperation partner which looks out for the interests of women for early detection of borst cancer. 


The role of Stichting YvYa is to look out for the interests of patients/clients, to embody the involvement of patients/clients and to act as fundraiser in order to get the Early Warning System validated as quickly as possible. For that purpose Stichting YvYa is co-subsidy provider to the EWSbv.


Interest group

Stichting YvYa (YvYa) is a women-for-women initiative. YvYa is an interest group, founded in 2020, to make early and painless detection of breast cancer possible.

To achieve this YvYa focuses on making a contribution to the development of a painless form of breast cancer screening: the Early Warning Scan for breast cancer (EWS). 


Stichting YvYa is also active in increasing the awareness of the necessity for everyone to have breast cancer detected at an early stage.


The development of the EWS takes place in the Early Warning Scan BV. This extremely promising new technique for screening has been in development since the end of 2019. YvYa is intensively involved in the development of the EWS.  

2023 Juli Missie Visie Ambitie Kernwaarden Cultuur

The name YvYa.

YvYa doesn't mean anything, but at the same time it means an incredible amount. It's a combination of the names Yvonne en Hülya.

The Yv- of Yvonne en the -Ya of Hülya. (pronounced eeveeya)

Meet the three brave women behind YvYa. 

Read here the stories of:

Yvonne (36)

Hülya (43).

This mustn't happen to women! 

Help us to be able to screen young women for breast cancer

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