Hülya's story

At the end of January 2019 I find myself sitting opposite an oncologist.

I'm 43 years old and had really only just started to live to the full.

And then I heard that I had a hormone sensative breast cancer. 

'Stand tall and do your own thing’.

That's the guideline for my life and also for my story.


I've written it in chapters. 


1:  Like mother, like daughter

2:  Slow and steady wille win the race 

3:   Life is good

4:   In trouble

5:  No, they didn't make a mistake

6:   On hold? No way!

7:  This is never going to get better  

8:  Every day is a new challenge

9:  Satisfaction predominates 




My story continues....thankfully.

My name is Hülya Pinarbasi and I survived  breast cancer.



Get to know Yvonne and Paulette as well.

Help us to reduce the risks for women with breast cancer.