the reason

Paulette is 60 when malignant cells are found in her breast. 

She's astounded when breast cancer is diagnosed. She can't feel a  lump.

Her left breast 'hadn't been feeling right for some time'. Eventually she discovered a hard spot.


She had taken part in the population screening five times. 5x! How had it been missed?


Paulette turns out to have a protein sensitive cancer cell. 

Her type spreads as strands in her breast. These can't be seen on mammograms.


It's unbelievable that this type of breast cancer can't be seen. This starts her partner Tom Sanders thinking.

It leads him to an out of the box idea: The Early Warning Scan for breast cancer (EWS).

On the 7th of November 2019 he wins the HTSM Kiemgeld with his idea

to increase the chances of detecting breast cancer

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