the first letters of YvYa.

Yvonne Geers

Yvonne dies at the age of 37 as a result of breast cancer.

Approximately a year and a half after she felt a lump. 

Her assassin was a triple negative cancer cell.

She leaves behind a husband and 2 lovely sons aged 2 and 4.

But she has left much more behind. 

Such as Haar Verhaal (Her Story) that she wrote in het blogs for Kurken & Kids.

She wanted to tell the world how she experienced cancer. Extremely moving!

Get to know her. Read her blogs here.

Her words: "This must not  and cannot happen.

But it DOES happen".

Yvonne was the face of the Catharina Kanker Instituut in Eindhoven.

She stood proud on banners and on the cover of the Catharina Magazine.

Shortly before she died she gave YvYa permission.

We may use her name, her photos and  her story . Her husband, Kristian, supports this initiative.



During breast cancer month, October 2020 an artikel was dedicated to Yvonne, 'Die ene patiënt'

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