Yvonne's story

Where there's hope, there's fun. Even during the chemotherapy.

Yvonne decribed the course of her illness in 14 blogs

We let her tell her own story. Get to know Yvonne through her blogs.

"I try so hard, I'm optimistic, I put my shoulder to the wheel, learn new things, try to keep exercising, to work.

And now this. Unbelievable.

Your attitude, the way you look, how fit you are - it all makes no difference.."

Yvonne in blog 9

Her colleagues show their support for Yvonne. She can see the banner from her room in the hospital, September 2019

"I'm going to die soon as a result of breast cancer.

I must let go of my life and leave my husband and my children behind.

And I can't begin to describe how much that hurts."

The last sentence from blog 10:

Yvonne will always be a part of YvYa

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