The reason why you won't get breast cancer

(you think)

  • I'm young.
  • Only older women get breast cancer.
  • Nobody in my family has it. It's not in my genes.
  • I breastfed. That protects me against breast cancer.
  • I'm not the sort of person who gets cancer. Not with my lifestyle.


  • I'm not overweight.
  • I don't smoke.
  • I only drink occasionally.
  • I exercise and live a healthy life.
  • I always eat organic foods. From my own vegetable garden.


  • Cancer has no place in my life!
  • It hasn't come anywhere near me. I don't know anybody who has breast cancer.
  • I avoid radiation. I turn the wifi off at night.
  • I live in the countryside. The air is pretty healthy here.
  • I use an air purifier. Particle pollution from traffic has no effect on me.


    • I take dietary supplements.
    • I take turmeric every day.
    • I eat brazil nuts every day for their protective properties.
    • I do yoga.
    • I'm Zen; I meditate.


    • I'm happy in my relationship.
    • I'm a vegetarian/vegan.
    • I have my breasts checked by an alternative healer.
    • I  don't wear an underwire bra.
    • I don't use an antipersprant deodorant.


    • I don't work nights and I get enough sleep.
    • That self-check only makes you worry.
    • I see it as probability calculation. I assume that I won't get it if I live a healthy life.
    • Actually I don't want to know anything about it. Ignorance is bliss.
    • I don't really have a reason. I know: I try to pretend it doesn't exist. Soon it will be too late.
    • ...
    • .......

    You think that you have everything under control

    But you haven't.

    There is always more than one reason why breast cancer forms in your body.

    Breast cancer is always influenced by multiple factors. Unfortunately you just don't know which ones.


    Reduce the risk of breast cancer

    It is extremely important that you always take good care of yourself.  That's something you can control. 

    You can reduce the risk of breast cancer. This is how.

    Because you never know what is happening in the cells in your breasts. 


    Bad luck

    At some point cells can become malignant.

    That can be just a question of bad luck. You have absolutely no control over it. 


    1 in 7 women in the Netherlands gets breast cancer. That's 17,000 women per year. In 2019 3200 women died of it.

    View the latest figures here.



    Do you have cancer? Then you can rely on good support. From hospitals and organisations such as Borstkankervereniging Nederland.



    Nobody can stop cancer from occuring...

    We can prevent the misery. With the Early Warning Scan we are trying to detect breast cancer really early on.

    Help us to save women from suffering ...

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