Life is good….

I left a life behind me in Turkey and made a new start.


Within a month I found a part-time job at UPS.

After a few months there was a vacancy for a project.

My team leader at that time insisted that I should apply for the job. To be honest, I didn't have much faith in myself.

I was selected for the project!


For this job I had to travel a lot and I got to know a lot of people on other sites.

I really enjoyed it. It's exactly what I needed at that time.


My work kept me focussed. I had no time dwell on all the problems.

In November 2018 UPS opens a new warehouse in Eindhoven. And I'm appointed as team leader.

At the beginning of a new year I take stock.


I've followed my parents' advice and am standing tall. 

I'm now living the life I want, everything is going well.

In my private life evertything's fine, at work things are going well. I'm healthy, the children are doing well.

I'm building up my life from scratch. That's fine because this time I'm doing it myself.


I've already made my plans for 2019.  Life is good…. I'm satisfied.


Well, unfortunately that feeling didn't last long.


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