On hold? No way!

I decide not to put my life “on hold” again. I've already done that once, I don't want to do it again.

Cancer or no cancer I'm going to continue to live my life. I've already made plans.

This year I'm going to sign the contract for a permanent job, build a career and further increase my skills.


I always say, ‘if you have the right amount of passion, you can do anything". And a mother's greatest passion is her children.

A stable life for my children. And I'm going to make sure it happens.


I keep working through the whole periode that I'm having chemotherapy. I've planned to  have the chemotherapy on Thursday.

Thursday and Friday are the least busy days.

I can plan to take time off on these two days. In the weekend I'm free and then Monday I'm back at work.


Every day I work from 3 to 11 PM. I also go to the fitness lessons at the hospital twice a week.

Muscle building is very important during the chemotherapy.

8 times, every 3 weeks, I"m on IV. When I get home after chemotherapy, I can hardly even find my bed.

I'm so sick that I think I'll never ever get better.


My work's the only thing that's 'normal'


But every Monday I get up and carefully apply my make-up. And then I go off to work.

At home my parents take everything over, caring for my daughter as well.

My faith dictates that I always wear a headscarf. So nobody can see my bald head.

Only a few people know what's going on.

My private life is already upside down, my work's the only thing that's 'normal'. There I don't feel ill.

I immerse myself in my work and have no time to think about the cancer.


My employer knows everything. I get a lot of support and finally sign the contract for my permanent job.

I've achieved my first goal, in spite of everything. Everything's going according to plan.

I've got my life sorted out, I'm financially independent and I'm really lucky to have such an good employer.

Life is actually being good to me, except that I have breast cancer...


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