Slow and steady will win the race

I did well at school. I made a good staat with the Mavo.

Then I went to school in Turkey for 4 years. After that I completed my MBO back in the Netherlands.


I was going to study at the HBO but my performance anxiety kicked in. I took a step back.

I thought: "Slow and steady will win the race".

I didn't follow my father's advice. I regretted that very much in the years ahead.


I thought that I had all the time in the world to do what I wanted to do.

Completed the MBO with good grades. Recieved a good recommendation from a promising apprenticeship. 

Which ensured that I quickly found a job.

This was meant to be a holiday job, but at the end of the period I was offered a permanent job.


In my heart I wanted to accept the job, but my life had taken a different turn.

In the summer of 1997 I married and moved to Turkey.


After being married for 21 years, I got a divorce and moved back to the Netherlands.

While I  was married I put the life I was used to 'on hold'. 

I lived a completely different life. Once again forgetting my parents' advice.


'Stand tall and do what you want to do', they told me. Why do I always forget that....


My marriage gave me my 3 beautiful children. I'm incredibly proud of them.

The twins are now 21 years old.  They are both following an academic course at a university in Turkey.


My 'afterthought' who is now 5, is the light of my life.


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