Text message contact with Yvonne on the 7th of November 2019 in the Gofit group


In response to the news on Omroep Brabant about the award ceremony. 

11.54 Yvonne

That's great! A big step forward.


12.00 Yvonne
Just to bring you up to date.
I have an appointment with Dr. Vriens today, some questions about ailments, and if they can still do anything when my wound is closed.
Because they're going to close my wound this afternoon with skin from my leg. 
A bit frightened that something will go wrong, for the rest operations aren't really scary any more ;)
It's hard, and difficult. Emotionally, and physically.
Feverish, they can't discover why.
Not fit, exhausted and my wound hurts, shoulder and the rest is stiff.
There's lots I want to do, but I just can't.
Last week a lot of pain with breathing and out of breath, fortunately that's slightly better now!
There's fluid behind my lungs, that's probably causing it.
Not a pulmonary embolism. So I hope that it's viruses that will soon go away, but half expect that it might get worse.
We are doing lots of things with the boys. In the morning I function reasonably well.
Really nice and really difficult because I want to be able to this for another 45 years.
Arranging unpleasant things...also trying to leave good things behind.
And keep laughing ;) ❤



12.10 Hülya 

Yvonne, I'm really glad to finally hear from you.

Think about you all the time. You have a lovely family. I hope it all works out.

12.14 Yvonne

I'm afraid that that's no longer possible.

Lying on my side, taking a bath or going swimming again with the boys would be really nice, hopefully some good moments....


12.19 Yvonne

I"m wondering if I told you that I had a scan at the beginning of October.

I don't have any good news to share....when there's hope it's easier than when there isn't. 


Because they found so many bad cells, they couldn't risk radiation.

Unfortunately the scan showed that the cancer (in a little more than 3 weeks) has spread to the pelvis, vertebrae, shoulder, all the glands.

Taking into account the speed, they don't think I'll make it to ChristmasThough nobody knows how fast it will spread. 


Actually they don't believe that anything can help, and couldn't get anything because of the wound.

I'm going to ask today what they now think.

12.32 Hülya

I didn't know, Yvonne, I'm so very sorry.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us.