11 down, one to go

Post on Facebook  27 June 2019

11 down, 1 to go. The last lap...
Only one chemo to go👊.

I've been going faithfully twice a week to the GoFit training to keep my strength up. And that feels great.
I'm preparing myself for a holiday in the tropics 😅.
And the operation is planned for the second half of August.

How am I now?
Still good under the circumstances.
Okay... it's no party and my energy level is around 25%. But I can build that up again soon.

That 25% also applies to my hair, eyelashes and eyebrows🤭 .

But: "wat moeder Natuur niet geeft, geeft het doosje van Toosje". My own mother's saying😉.

Have you already been away? Or do you still have to go on holiday?
I wish you a great time!

Last but not least: fantastic, all the incredibly kind and warm messages!

Via Fb, messenger, whatsapp, the post, the telephone. It really does me good.

It makes everything a little bit more bearable. Thank you.🥰.