Breast cancer is Russian roulette.

Post on LinkedIn on 5 November 2019

A good moment to return to LinkedIn.

After an absence of 6 months I have only good news.

My treatment for breast cancer has been 100% successful.

I"m so lucky! I've got away with only minimaal damage.


The sorrow and frustration of my partner, Tom Sanders, has inspired him to come up with an exceptional idea: The Early Warning Scan.

This afternoon, the 5th of November, he's in the final of 'High Tech for the Future' with this idea.


I used the metaphor 'Poppies' in my posts about my treatment.

Bart Dirks of Wishflowers, gave us a nice surprise: this cuddly toy to wish Tom luck.

A nice link to the reason...meaning me.


Breast cancer is Russian roulette.

It happens to you, just like that, without cause, without regard to persons.

3200 women die of breast cancer every year. Compared with 680 road fatalities per year.


We can't prevent it. We can only cure it if we detect it early enough..

With the Early Warning Scan. For women of all ages, painless and radiation-free.