I'm blooming again!

Post on Facebook 13 September 2019

I'm so lucky: I'm blooming again!
...but still a bit subdued...😊


After 12 chemo cures
10 x immunotherapy
and one minor operation 

...the result is spectacular. There are no malignant cells in my breast!


Still to go: 15 radiation treatments and until March immunotherapy every 3 weeks.
Now I just have to cope with a host of side effects 😜
These determine what I can and can't do.


I'll have to wait and see how my blooming turns out. Will it be exuberant or perhaps a little subdued?😉

Here and there I'm already getting on with things. And I'm grateful. So very grateful.

Just as grateful as I am for all your kind messages of support.

Once again, thank you so much 🥰🥰🥰.

And we'll see each other again soon.