My view from my chemo chair: poppies!

Post on Facebook  1 May 2019

My view from 'my chemo chair': poppies!!

On the wall opposite 'my chemo chair' today'. I feel myself at home here...😜

Poppies are my favourite flowers.

One moment there's an empty field and the next moment it's turned an exuberant RED colour.

These exuburant, blooming, bright-red poppies make me happy.


I always find it moving: a single poppy growing strong and  sprightly.

Even in a crack in scorching asphalt somewhere in Italy.

This is the message it's giving me. Whatever the circumstances, I grow and flower.


My own symbolic field of poppies was sown, the flowers could come.
But: on the 25th of March they told me "we have bad news for you, we've found malignant cells".

Bang: in your face.


This doom scenario turns me for a while into a single poppy...

During this time I stop working on my business ventures.

I give myself over to the treatment planned for me by the Catharina KankerInstituut in Eindhoven.
And to the loving care of the people around me.
Also to the heart-warming response from all the kind people who have already heard. 😍


Now you know too. And that is what I want to achieve.

I don't want it to be a secret. "Life is all about how you handle plan B".

It can happen to anyone. Even if you take really good care of yourself.


That chemo chair...I go there every Wednesday for 12 weeks. For chemo and immunotherapy.

Every week I let myself be surrounded by poppies and loving home as well.

What is it like? The first 3 times are okay. I ondergo the side effects as discomfort.

I even still have all my hair.😉