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Detecting breast cancer much earlier? That means that a lot more women will survive breast cancer.

Detecting it early means most of all milder treatments and a better quality of life.


By donating to the Early Warning Scan you are actively helping us.

Help to prevent a lot of suffering. This makes all women happy!


Our first goal: completion of the prototype of the Early Warning Scan. Planning: Summer 2021

Our second goal: Software development, pre-clinical tests with a limited number of women. Planning: 2022


The amount raised by donations on:

19-11-2021:  € 85.000

We need 200.000 euro for phase 2.

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What do we still need?

Phase 1 estimation € 50.000 Until summer 2021 Production of prototype scanning-unit Early Warning Scan.
Phase 2 estimation € 200.000 Until summer 2022 Software development, pre-clinical tests with a limited number of women.
Phase 3 estimation € 500.000 Until summer 2023 Construction of a small series of scanning units. Clinical tests in several hospitals. Therefore scientific substantiation of the EWS.
Phase 4 estimation € 400.000 From summer 2023 CE certification, preparation of the series production of scan units and setting up an organizational structure to enable national coverage
Phase 5 to be determined From januari 2024 Serial production of scan units and expanding the organization to make the EWS available to all women.

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