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The technique: how does it work?


The Early Warning Scan uses existing techniques.

  • the 3D scanning technique
  • a special photo technique.

These techniques have not been used previously for breast cancer screening.


Periodically, an accurate 3D image of the breasts is made, the so-called scan.

The scan 'looks' at the shape, color and movement of the breasts.


The computer then searches for irregularities. The computer compares every new recording with previous personal records, but also with the records of many other women.


With the help of artificial intelligence, it can be worked out if any irregularities that are found pose a risk. The extent of that risk can also be determined. If a certain level of risk is exceeded, you will be referred to a doctor.


You can be in the 'grey zone': when there is some risk. This risk is not great enough for a doctor's check-up. In this case, the number of checks is increased, for example from one to two times a year. You'll be followed more closely.


The more women participate and make their scan data available, the better the risk can be determined. In this way, the system becomes increasingly intelligent and the risks of breast cancer can be identified better.


Read here For and by women

5 reasons to develop the technique:

- It works for women of all ages, including women under the age of 50!

- it is suitable for large-scale population research

- It’s safe because no radiation is used

- It’s comfortable: painless and contactless

- It can be repeated every year. Even several times a year

Global planning of the development of the EWS

Until summer  2021: Prototype ready, scan of test persons

Until summer  2022: Customize prototype,  production of small series scans, clinical trials with large groups of women.

From summer 2023:  Rollout, EWS in many places, and start becoming available to all women

Breast cancer can't be prevented for everyone..

...but detecting breast cancer early means a successful treatment is more likely. But this isn't the only thing.

Early intervention can also ensure that any treatment can be milder.

As a result, you have fewer lasting consequences and your quality of life after the treatment is higher.

Donate to develop the scanning technique as soon as possible.

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