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What is the Early Warning Scan?

The Early Warning Scan is going to replace self-examination.

Do you also feel that self-examination is a burden?

From puberty onwards, you need to keep an eye on your breasts.

You spend your whole life looking for 'something' you don't want to find... You feel and see all sorts of things.

Your breasts are constantly changing! But what is normal and what isn’t?


And if you do feel or see something suspicious? Do you put off going to the doctor?

Do you think, "Let's wait and see. I don't think it's anything."

Before you know it, it’ll be months later...

Checking your breasts is conflicting.

There’s always a conflict in breast examination.

Your breasts are intimate body parts.

They should be associated with feelings of security, connectedness, intimacy, lust, love and pride.

But you also have feelings of embarrassment and shame.

Negative feelings can become overwhelming.

Examining your breasts for signs of breast cancer causes a lot of negative feelings.

Fear, uncertainty and pain. But also guilt and resistance.

There are also tendencies that can affect your body experience.


You don't want these negative emotions! That is why you feel that self-examination is a burden.

Don’t check your breasts?

That’s understandable, but that’s also the worst thing to do.

So we are going to do something about it!

This will release you. This will make you happy!



  • you don't have to judge for yourself whether you need to go to the doctor or not: you’ll just get a call


  • you’ll get a six-monthly check-up (just like going to the dentist).

That's the Early Warning Scan!

A new screening method for breast cancer is being developed.

A new screening method for all women. That detects irregularities in the breast very early.

The irregularities that may indicate breast cancer.


You’ll be checked by the Early Warning Scan all your life. A life-long relief from self-examination.

Discovers breast cancer far earlier than you can see or feel it yourself.

You do it for all women

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