For and by women

Women are intensively involved in the development of the Early warning Scan.

To speed up the development of the Early Warning Scan, a lot of money is needed.

Give your financial support. Then you’ll make sure that you are scanned quickly yourself.

This is not only good for you, but for all women.

Individual impact

What's in it for you?

  • You’ll get image of your breasts. A scan is made of both the left and right breasts. Your breasts will be compared.


  • Through twice yearly scans, you’ll get insight into the natural changes in your breasts.


  • Your breasts will be evaluated for life. You don't have to do that yourself.


  • Is there an irregularity in one of your breasts? You'll know it at once. Much earlier than you could have 'seen and felt' yourself.


  • Has something changed? Could it be cancer? If so, you’ll find out  very early and the consequences are limited.


  • With each scan you make an anonymous contribution to research with artificial intelligence-based data analysis techniques.  


The more women participate, the more data will be available.

Group interest

What's in it for all women?

  • all information obtained by the EWS is collected.


  • this data is analyzed using artificial intelligence-based data analysis techniques.  


  • By comparing a lot of data from women's breasts, more information becomes available. This information is analyzed.


  • through research of the data, more is learnt about the irregularities in breasts.


  • Over the years, the interpretation becomes more and more detailed. In this way, irregularities are formulated more quickly and accurately.


  • long-term analysis will clarify which irregularities are worrying. And what leads to breast cancer. The analyses are interpreted.

A good feeling

You can participate in the Early Warning Scan for yourself. But also for all other women.

It makes you feel good because you don't just support yourself. You do it for each other, too.

For now and for the future.



The women of YvYa subscribe to these values:

  • Solidarity
  • Community spirit
  • Moral duty
  • Giving hope
  • Giving light
  • Helping each other
  • Essential
  • Loving

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