An idea born out of frustration

Paul Evans and Tom Sanders accept the award

Paulette Kreté and Tom Sanders show the prize on November 7, 2019.

The development of the Early Warning Scan for breast cancer started with an idea.

An idea by Tom Sanders, which came out of sheer frustration.


His wife, Paulette Kreté,was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2019.

For 10 years, her mammogram results had shown no abnormalities.

Her particular variant of cancer is not visible on mammograms.


The fact that it’s possible for breast cancer not to be seen made Tom Sanders, an entrepreneur, start thinking.
He believes that other techniques might have discovered that cancer variant. Techniques that are not yet common in breast cancer research.

He calls his idea the Early Warning Scan for Breast Cancer (EWS). Tom has managed to convince a number of prominent partners about his idea.

They took part in a competition for innovative and socially relevant ideas. The HiTMaT call from Holland High Tech.


Tom’s idea won an incentive prize of 25,000 euros

On 7 November 2019, Tom was awarded the prize during the NWO innovation festival of Technology in Amersfoort.

Holland High Tech presented him with the prize in the category ‘Health and Care’.

With this fund, the development of Early Warning Scan could start.

Read more about the technique of the Early Warning Scan.

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