Meet in the Atrium

The market

Starting at 4 p.m. the market in the Atrium is THE source of activity and enjoyment.

Here you can brouwse through the wares  on the market stalls and find things to brighten your day.

With everything you buy you are making a donation to Stichting YvYa. Your donation will be used for the further development of the Early Warning Scan. We need a lot of money to achieve this.


Pay a visit to the YvYa information point too!

Snacks, drinks, "borstenbroodjes" and a good chat

Talk to each other and to us, the YvYa-women. Next to the bar we've created a meeting place with bean bag chairs.

Enjoy Turkish snacks, soup, healthy drinks at the bar and ...


... the one and only "Brabantse Borstenbroodje" (yes, that's really what we mean😉).

What's available here?

A small selection of what's on offer.

Various packets of soap and fragrant soaps

Nice presents for yourself or to give to someone

YvYa's lucky bracelets and hippy jewelery made by Creatzz 

Vintage stall with earrings and scarves (all new)

Scarves etc. made with love for YvYa

Surprising YvYa-specials


Children welcome!

Make your own soap chain.

By soap producer De Zeeptopper

Colour your nails

Have your nails painted by By Esther

Make an Art Angel

Colour in your own guardian angel in the style of artist Josien Broeren.

Reading sessions

Paulette will read short excerpts  from her book "Poepen in het Park, de gênante kant van borstkanker" (Pooping in the park, the embarrassing side of breast cancer)

4.30 p.m.: Reading session 1 with opportunity for discussion 

5.30 p.m : Reading session 2 with opportunity for discussion 

6.30 p.m.: Reading session 3 with opportunity for discussion 



The book will be published in mid November/December by Uitgeverij 'De Graaff, boeken die er toe doen'.

Information point YvYa

Here you can find information about the importance of the Early Warning Scan. We will also be pleased to inform you about our donation-campagnes.

For example: the AH packaging scheme, UPS's sponsor run, orders online via via and possible schemes via


YvYa has been nominated for Actie Warm Hart (KRO/NCRV). When the voting opens, vote for YvYa! 

As recognised charity YvYa  has been asked to compete for the Impact Challenge Award 2021. More information shortly.