The "Giggle Expert"

Workshop from 7.10 p.m. to 7.40 p.m.      Round the event with us off with laughter!

✦ ✦ Is there anything to laugh about?

Perhaps at the moment your life is completely taken up by your struggle with breast cancer. You probably feel that there's absolutely nothing to laugh about… However the power of laughter can help you a lot, particularly in difficult times.

Allow yourself - especially in this really tough period in your life - to laugh out loud for a moment. Then you'll discover that it gives you a breather. For a moment you forget everything and that feels good. It gives you some relief.

You can see it as a cheerful clearing up of your body and mind. Your laughter empties your head and relaxes your body.


✦ ✦ What are we going to do?
During a laughter meditation you laugh spontaniously, without reason. 
It's like getting the giggles, laughter that just appears out of nowhere.
If you allow yourself to laugh out loud, then you stop thinking.
It makes you feel good, and worries and stress melt away like snow in the sun.
Afterwards you feel relaxed, cheerful and 'open'.
Together you've experienced something very special and that brings people closer together and makes talking easier.

Jan Gommans himself 

✦ ✦ The "Giggle expert"

The workshop will be given by Jan Gommans. Jan has been giving his laughter workshops throughout the country for 15 years. During  the corona period he has become famous for his online Lachkwartiertjes, for everybody working at home. So we can in truth call him the "Giggle expert"!


✦ ✦ Want to know more?


This link filmpje op YouTube will give you a good idea of what the  laughter workshop is all about.

And if you want to start laughing right away, then watch a film via this link dit filmpje …

And feel free to visit Jan's website