The society in which you live is changing.

Women are strongly influenced by trends in our society.


What you see in the world around you also determines your body experience.

This dictates how you feel about and how you look at your breasts.


What do we see happening?


  1. Globalization and the emergence of European values and norms.


  2. What you learnt at home is no longer the decisive factor.


  3. A new prudishness has emerged, in both boys and girls


  4. Private business is no longer private. There are anxieties about photos and videos on social media.

      Being undressed in public spaces has become dangerous; even for small children.


  5. Historical developments. The emotional valuation of breasts has changed.

      Sexually-charged channels like MTV and internet sex contribute to this.


  6.  Fear of sexual harassment, #Me too. Doors must remain open.


  7.  Emancipation of women and women in higher social positions.

       This requires non-sexual attitudes, so no attention on breasts.


  8.  Cultural and religious differences. Breasts should not be seen/displayed.


  9.  Women don’t feel comfortable because they don’t conform with the idealized images.


10. Young women spend a lot of time and attention on their bodies.

      Their physical appearance is important. What’s inside, also.


11.  Collective hazards such as Covid-19 divert attention from the individual dangers such as breast cancer



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