Take action

There are all kinds of ways to raise money for all women.

Because that's what YvYa aims for. The Early Warning Scan will be there for all women. No exceptions.

  • clean up your attic. Give away your old stuff to make a donation to YvYa.
  • save your empty bottles and give the proceeds to YvYa once a month
  • offer a service and request a donation for YvYa in return
  • offer a fixed percentage of your company's revenue as a donation to YvYa
  • donate the proceeds of the tip jar at the checkout to YvYa

  • organize a Christmas promotion with your company. Donate to YvYa
  • Sell socks, water bottles, pens, etc. Donate the profits to YvYa
  • organize a lacquer marathon for beautiful Christmas nails and donate to YvYa
  • knit and sell sheep for Christmas and donate the profits to YvYa
  • embroidery face masks, sell them and donate to Yvya


  • write poems for Sinterklaas and at Christmas time for someone else. Donate the proceeds to YvYa
  • bake special cookies, wrap them nicely in a storage pot and sell them. Donate the proceeds to YvYa
  • make nice jewellry, sell them and donate the proceeds
  • make special Christmas arrangements and donate €1,00 to YvYa for each one sold, 


Look at the sponsor page. These companies are already committed. We can include the link to your website too.

Do you have a great idea? Tell us about it!