The Think tank: for and by women

The Early Warning Scan is women-friendly.

Women can say for themselves what is best for them.


They are therefore explicitly involved in the development of the Early Warning Scan.

Women of all ages are represented in the Think Tank.

Also women from diverse ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds.


Their wishes, knowledge and experiences will be considered in the development of the EWS.

In this way, they support the technical development team.

Ambassadors of the Early Warning Scan

The Think Tank women are happy to volunteer in the interests of society.

They are also involved in promoting the importance of the EWS for all women.

They are ambassadors, cultivating goodwill and providing information.

The Think Tank women from the beginning

Take a look at the LinkedIn profiles of the Think Tank women:

Petra Gyselen, 

Vinuta Hegde,

Paulette Kreté

Hulya Pinarbasi

Monique Rikkers

Marianne van de Sande

Marja van Solkema

Odette van der Veeken

Patty Schotman


Follow them on their special ThinkTank page on LinkedIn. They post their discoveries here often.

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