This is where it started...

 Petra, Paulette, Yvonne and Hülya after a fitness session.  It's Hülya's birthday, May 2019.

At 'Gofit' in the Catharina Ziekenhuis

Women are offered the Gofit fitness programme so they can cope better with the effects of the chemotherapy.

They took part, in a group with five other women. This is where they got to know each other.


Just three women who were victims of the assassin, breast cancer.

Three women who had never met before. If there had been no assassin...

3 random women

3 different types of breast cancer

3 tough treatments

3 results from the treatment

One thought: this must not happen to women! 

The name YvYa originates from these 3 brave women: Paulette, Yvonne and Hülya.

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