Every day is a new challenge


In this period I live from day to day. Every day I get up and start my day with exercises.

I never used to take pills. But now I religiously take  my medication, pain killers, supplements and vitamins every day.

I've made a planning and I keep to it.


During a conversation with fellow sufferers Yvonne says that Libra has a good rehabilitation programme.

This is exactly what I need. I get in touch and can start almost immediately with rehabilitation.

After a depressing time, I can hope again that it'll all get better. 



I find my joie de vivre again

This programme is everything I'd hoped it would be. We rehabilitate in groups.

I'm really lucky to be put in a group with 7 fantastic people.


It was a demanding programme, 3 half-day sessions per week in which you are completely busy with rehabilitation. 

The programme consisted of different elements such as body awareness and mindfulness.

And also exercise, hydrotherapy, conversations with a social worker and psychologist.

On top of this there were a number of extra elements which were also extremely important, such as cancer and dietetics.


After about 4 weeks I was surprised how fit I felt.

I hadn't thought I would ever feel like this again. Before the programme I could hardly walk because of the pain in my legs.

Now I can run again.  


I realise that exercise and sport are crucial to my quality of life since cancer.

I decide to give sport an important place in my life.

Even when I find it painful to walk, I still take a 1 to 2 hour walk every morning.

Also every week 3 hours of fitness and 1 hour op swimming in the rehabilitation centre.


After these 4 weeks a new period begins. Something that I hadn't expected.

I was so obsessed by the pain and the bodily discomfort that I completely forgot my mental health.

Fortunately I was given good help and advice. I can now focus 100% on my recovery.

I lost my joie de vivre, but I've found it again.


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